Friday, September 28, 2012

Edgy Artists Wanted

edgy womenIt says women but men are welcome to submit proposals, too. The venue is in Montreal at a boxing arena. Deadline is mid-October.

Edgy Women 2013: Call for proposals                          

EDGY WOMEN 2013 - 20th anniversary: ARTS / SPORTS / GENDER
CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Performance / Video / Installation
Deadline: October 15th 2012

We are seeking works to complete the Blue Cat Boxing Club program (March 8-10, 2013). All proposals will be considered (lectures, performances, visual art, short videos, and installations) as long as they reflect a strong awareness of thematic context, and when pertinent, shared space and audience flow.

Produced by Studio 303, EDGY WOMEN is an annual feminist fiesta that presents politicized, experimental and playful performance as well as workshops and lectures - addressing evolving issues around gender and/or feminism. Highlighting new artistic practices, Edgy is open to emerging and established professional artists of any gender. For artists new to Studio 303, we recommend that you submit finished pieces vs. new creations. Honorariums are paid, but there is no budget at this time for travel or hosting.

Details and application form:

On the edge of arts, disciplines and gender politics, Edgy Women (is) Studio 303's annual celebration of boundary-pushing artists.
- Lina Harper, Montreal Mirror, March 2009

"The Edgy Women Festival pushes performance to its furthest reaches, revealing just how complex and multifaceted women - and society in general, relationships, community, feminism, art itself - really are."
- Hour, March 2010

Studio 303
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