Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Resolving Conflict

Theatre Nights are now starting at The Gallery this Friday Night.

A Gift -

Months ago I gave the key to my house to Jacqui.  She has been using the gallery for free for several months.  A group of artists come to work in the space once or twice a week.  I have been watching these artistic, passionate, creative individuals collaborate for months. 

My home vibrates with all this incredible energy.  It is so beautiful and healing. 

The the greatest gift I have witnessed is this married couple: Chantal and Andrew.  They have the most beautiful relationship.  It really is something so special.  I spoke to Jacqui about Chantal and Andrew's relationship.  Jacqui told me how they communicate. And how they are able resolve conflict with non aggressive, open, peaceful, and open forms of communication.  I see just how beautiful their love is.  And how the dynamics of 8th Generation Performance Company is so healthy and positive.

It is such a gift to watch this group work together. I feel so blessed to have given Jacqui the key to my home / gallery. 

thank you so much
with love

Theatre Nights - Friday 27th of April. 8 pm.

Performance Starts @ 8 pm.  $10 at the door. 

Come and witness Ottawa's finest emerging artists in an intimate artistic setting... the last Friday of Every Month.

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Theatre Nights said...

Thank you Patrick for your gracious generosity! You have such an open heart and mind for the community and the art world. We are blessed and privileged to work in your home and gallery. We hope that as the resident theatre company at your gallery, we keep the art and theatre world alive and thriving.
Very honored
Sawubona (It means I SEE YOU in Zulu)
Blessings always