Thursday, August 25, 2011

Images from Hair=>Cut=>Peace

These 2 photos were taken by my friend Michael Gauvreau. They capture the empowerment and embarrassment I felt during the performance. The picture on the left shows Lily Butter cutting my hair while the picture on the right was taken right after the unassuming man cut the front of my head bald! Look at the body language I display in these two pictures! They couldn't be more different!! In the picture on the left I look confident and at ease. The picture on the right shows a different mood, one of disbelief. My whole body and face are tense, my arms at my side indicate how dejected I felt at that moment. Thanks for the great pics Michael! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

The picture below was taken by Brian Double. I met him the night of the show. He had heard of the show through the internet and was very excited to be able to participate in the performance. Here two childhood friends cut my hair while a family friend looks on. You can see the look of disgust and intrigue on their faces. A lot of people couldn't believe I was actually doing this and were quite taken aback!

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Mathieu Laca said...

It's great to read about how you felt doing the performance. You're very sensitive. Hope to read more from you on the blog in the future. By the way, posting the link on Facebook really helps generating trafic on the blog.

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