Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Evening of Let's Talk Art

This was the first of an ongoing series held on the second Thursday of each month entitled, Let's Talk Art. This evening, painter, Michele LeCourtois, and multi-media artist, Tick Tock Tom, gave powerpoint presentations to a full-house.

Michele introduces her art.
Michele spoke of her life-long attraction to art and of her background and education which lead her to become a painter of portraits and other canvases, the subject matter of which is meaningful and deeply personal.

Tick Tock Tom models a metal head-piece he constructed.

Tick Tock Tom spoke about coming to the realization that being a writer was not his bent but constructing sculpture, predominantly of found metal objects, was something he excels at and it is satisfying as a method of expression.

Patrick introduces the question/answer portion of the evening.
Table for Celebrate Her gala set for Saturday.
Tick Tock Tom thanks a Carleton University student for coming to the event.

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