Saturday, February 4, 2012

Call to Artists: I HAVE ISSUES




Submissions Due Date: February 12th, 2012

The Gallery is seeking inspired artists with high quality, turbulent art relating to deep rooted issues like obsessive compulsive behavior, admiration and adoration, unrequited love, narcissism, political and religious experiences, workaholics, self-destruction, celebrations, traumas, habits and rituals, women’s issues, daddy issues and familial issues, insomnia, and any other ticks or obsessions with a need for expression. This group show aims to balance the positive and negative effects that unique compulsions and obsessions create; and the drive and creativity that can become the product of these issues. The Gallery is particularly interested in those unique individuals who are able to channel their issues into a productive force. An example would be an artist who experienced a traumatic car accident and now deconstructs cars and makes the materials into beautiful sculptural pieces in order to deal with their new found aversion to vehicles. These art works should be authentic to the individual and their experiences while maintaining the quality expected in a contemporary fine art gallery. Art can include paintings, sculptures, video, photo, words, performance and any other creative outlets possible. Please include artist CV as well as an Artist Statement with photos or CD labeled with the title, size and materials.

Send Submissions and Confessions to: with the title I Have Issues or by post with a stamped self-return address for return of work to: Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
286 Hinchey Ave. Ottawa, Ontario. K1Y 1M2.

Only Artists chosen will be contacted

For more information and past exhibitions visit:

Thank you, Patrick

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