Saturday, January 21, 2012

Men at work, indeed.

The post office has nothing on the Patrick John Mills Gallery poster-team who slapped up 2,100 posters over a week or so venturing forth no matter what the weather.

In addition to the generic I LOVE YOU posters, a combination of  coloured posters featuring  the work of Mathieu Laca, Patrick John Mills and Jake Stekelenburg, along with a striking red, white and black poster announcing the performance art piece of Robin Lynch at 8:30 pm at the Vernissage on February 2/12.

What was interesting about this cache of newspaper receptacles is that on top of one of them was placed a pair of spectacles.. Either the person had removed them to get a paper or they'd dropped them and someone picked them up and placed them there.

It's as if there are a pair of eyes that never divert their gaze from the posters. 

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