Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vincent van Gogh - (International Award Winning Poem)

Photo taken by Patrick John Mills

Dear Theo (tribute poem to Vincent van Gogh)

Vincent face the sun

hold on to your gun

Can see me?

Can you hear me?

I am a chair

I am a flower

blowin' in the open fields

Sunflower seeds harvesting

inside of me

Raw sienna

Cadmium yellow

and cobalt blue

are the colors I choose

What else can I do?

Vibrating grass

empty canvas

Now there is nothing left

but these cold paintings

these vibrating portraits

and couples walking hand in hand

Dear Brother

Do you understand?

Do you have a light

in this starry night?

(written 1996 - Patrick John Mills


Shannon Lee said...

You are multi-talented, Dear Patrick!

Mathieu Laca said...

I think it's the contrast between his very lonely and hopeless life and the colorful swirls of his ecstatic paintings that makes Van Gogh so touching. How can such marvels come out of such despair?

Patrick S. Greene said...

Patrick you are so correct when you call Vincent brother, we as artists feel his kinderen spirit. We feel the good and the pain, sacrifice what is normal to people whom do not understand our quest to create. Moreover, I feel a tear in my eye and in my heart when ever I hear Starry,Starry Night!