Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Marilyn Suite 2011

Or, simply, The Marilyns. Strange name for a group of computer keyboards, n'est-ce pas?

One must recall the pop art of the sixties and seventies to understand the reference, in particular, the endless silk screen portraits that Andy Warhol did of various celebrities, in particular, female icons such as Liz Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Debbie Harry and, of course, Marilyn Monroe.

His technique was to layer colour after colour over an acrylic background thereby using the same material and same process and yet changing the image to reflect different moods and, apparent to some, shifts in perspective. The Lemon Marilyn presents a sunnier mood than the Blue Marilyn. Same woman, same pose, different feeling.

In The Marilyn Suite, I have taken the same Dell keyboard and using the same technique and material, I change the appearance and in some cases, the integrity of the board as when I reverse it to use the underside or when I melt it and change its form.

Warhol took polaroid photos to create his art; I take keyboards and create mine.

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