Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here's an Idea: Health Benefits for Artists

Here is something some may want to consider. It's certainly worth keeping our ears to the ground for updates.  S.

The Arts & Entertainment Plan™ - health insurance for the
artistic community

Your membership/staff may want or need the security of basic health insurance,
for them or their family, and the Arts & Entertainment Plan ™ wants to help them.

The Arts & Entertainment Plan™ offers all self-employed freelancers,
non-permanent, part-time and retirees the opportunity to get health
insurance coverage. Eligibility is through membership in a participating
organization in the artistic community. At this time there are 4
organizations participating and if your organization would like to
become a participating organization just ask us – there is no
fee for joining – it’s free.

It is easy to join. There is no medical required.  We offer a pay direct
drug/dental card, premiums may be 100% tax deductible and you are supporting
something that the artistic community desperately needs – access to benefits.

I hope you will give your membership and their families the chance to find
out more.

Program is launching October 2011.

For more information email us at
admin@artsandentertainmentplan.com or
call me at 1-800-387-8897 x 256.

The Arts & Entertainment Plan™ – benefits you can afford!


Jason Saulay
Arts & Entertainment Program
Phone: 416-967-6600 ext.256
Cell: 647-297-4952

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