Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Now Pretty's Missing

Drove by the posters at Gladstone and Kent today and the pink and blue princess was missing from the mini-installation. Infuriating!

Both "fascinators" have been removed by light fingers.


Mathieu Laca said...

More on the vandalism at the PJM Gallery here: http://patrickjohnmills.ca/ByLaw.htm

Grandma Sharon said...

Re the vandalism of signs and posters outside the gallery. Aren't people "brave" when they think nobody is watching. Install a security camera (if you can afford it) and find out who the nice neighbour is. Send him/her a bill for any damage you can catch on camera. Make it a high bill (art can be expensive, right?).

Here's another point. If we are charged with a crime, we are allowed to face our accusers in court. Yet the City acts on anonymous complaints without letting us face our accusers.