Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Art Party, Big Success

Urban Legends Poetry including 
Sean O'Gorman, Hyfidelik, SenseSay, and PrufRock
Urban Legend Poets, singers, dancers, and a host of artists and their entourage were present for the Big Art Party yesterday evening.. Participants enjoyed an eclectic mix of entertainment and art talk.
Jean Comeau, Mathieu Laca and Michele LeCourtois enjoy a convivial moment in front of the gallery.

Dance piece choreographed by Erika Mills..

The gallery's next event is the vernissage for WAR, Thursday, August 4, 2011.
Live interactive Art: by Ali Sztepa.
One thing about art that irks me is that it is viewed as elitist. It instills fear in people, they think they can't make art. For Big Art Party I will bring all sorts of supplies for making drawings, paintings and collages. Everyone will be free to add their piece to a large canvas producing a group art piece that is at once disjointed and cohesive. To break down barriers to creation is what I hope to do. Everyone's an artist, creation is unlimited, art has the power to heal.

          Interactive art

The group art opportunity drew many people. It'd be interesting to see how this endeavour turned out.

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