Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Painting Road Trip

Painting Road Trip 

I needed to disconnect and re-connect with nature.  So I loaded up my van and my mobile studio trailer and just drove.  I did not have a gps. I followed the road. No set map. 

When I found something that interested me. I would pull my van and start painting.  

Just 10 minutes past Hawkesbury. Cross the bridge into Grenville. First right towards Oaka. I pulled over and just decided to paint this.  I love the composition. The trees are friends. They lean like holding hands. The sky. The river. The reflection holds a dance inside my heart. I opened my eyes to the sunshine and the landscape warmed my soul.  A butterfly danced in the open field for about 4-5 minutes. The space was so magical. I was so happy and felt so blessed.

I very kind lady came to talk to me. She took this photo, and a few others. She invited me over for diner, and a camp fire, and to let me sleep in her home. I could not believe a complete stranger was so beautiful and kind. I briefly explained how I needed to disconnect and connect with nature. And how I wished to travel and sleep under the stars. I greatly appreciated her kindness nonetheless.  I completed these two paintings and drove towards Montreal. 

Changing of the Seasons - Falling into You. 
oil on canvas. 18 x 24 inches.  

Walking down the Streets of Old Montreal 

 I positioned myself in front of a fire hydrant. So that I could be in the street. But not take up a parking space, nor obstruct traffic, nor pedestrians... I felt is was a reasonable space to set up painting. But the FUCKING POLICE drove by over 25 times. I had to talk to them 3 times... 45 minutes of talking to Police. I was very polite. What other option do you have. Really. You wish to tell them to fuck off. But I just smile. Respond in the most polite manner. But really.  GO DO SOMETHING USEFUL.  One police officer started talking to me about an old canvas he found and wished to paint over.  Really... 20 plus minutes later.  If I am doing something against the law.  Fine me. Give me a ticket. Or ask me to move. But if I am just painting and living my life in a creative, out of the box beautiful way... keep driving. I am working. 
Yes I have anger. 
Yes I have anger issues. 
Yes I hate rules. 
I hate authority.  

Old Montreal. 
Oil on canvas. 30 x 40 inches. 
I woke up at 5:07 am. I set up my equipment to work on this location. I wished to enjoy the silence. For the morning to start. For the movement to begin.  I wanted the tender beauty of the beginning of the day to shine inside.
The smell of urine from the homeless in the alley, the renovations and construction reminded me of the time I was living on skid row in Vancouver (1997). It comforted me. My life has not been an easy road. But I love every moment. So proud of my journey. These feelings of love and joy. These feelings of accomplishment. 25 years of being an artist. The struggle. The mountain, the monsters in my mind. I have surrendered to me. And I love it. This painting is a complete celebration of everything.  I am an extremely intense person. It is very taxing some days to just be me. I am a dreamer. But sometimes the sunshine in the mind is dark. Sometimes my heart is hyper sensitive. It is been broken many times. But I keep loving with abundance. Maybe some day I will meet someone who I will allow them to love me, and who will be brave enough to surrender. 

Later that day I meet up with a dear friend.  Jessica Dawn and I painted together.

still working on this post ... will add more soon 

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