Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting in a Snow Storm

Canada, mid-winter, one never knows what sort of weather is going to arise. There was a snow storm yesterday morning but by the evening, rain had set-in and everything was mush.

Patrick had posted a call for artists to come and paint outside on the bridge at the top of Rideau Street in Ottawa, beside our esteemed Chateau Laurier Hotel. Earlier in the week, three people had come and participated in a cold weather marathon and it was good.

Today, not only was it frigid but it was very windy and there was blowing snow that froze, not only  eyelashes and fingers, it froze the relatively unfreezable oil paint. You will understand when you see the video and Patrick says that he was spreading paint as if it were cream cheese.

Bare hands, only, for painting.
A palette of frozen paint.
Kudos to Patrick and Ameika who proved their artist mettle by enduring.

This is the second au plein "freezing" air this winter. Ottawa artists participated in several of these on Laurier St. at Bank St. last winter with surprising results in terms of attendance, materials used and startling results.

Here are some more photos from today.

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