Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Ready for the Upcoming Show, I Have Issues

Wow, people are very busy, preoccupied with getting their art ready for the upcoming show, I Have Issues. No one's been posting their thoughts or what they are working on. It's OK, I'll break the ice.

Someone told me they thought about magazines when they saw the ubiquitous poster after the blitz on the weekend. I Have Issues, issues of what? Time? The New Yorker? Maclean's?

When I heard the topic, I thought of birth, of the issue of one's loins, or how a baby issues forth. Are children issues...perhaps. Do they have issues, yes. This may be underlined in the show after this one, the title of which is, My Kid Could Do That. This could be a working title and is subject to change.

Some people see the poster and they think about personal issues, phobias or misgivings, "I have issues with what you're saying about the NDP leadership race." Or maybe that should be, " I take issue...."

Everyone has issues. Should be a revealing show.

My kitten doesn't

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