Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Are Already Doing It!

You know last evening's idea? The one where we artists showing at Patrick John Mills Gallery try to get our work out into the community at shows, displays, wherever we can, ON THE WALLS, I say, folks, letting everyone know that we are with Patrick John Mills Gallery? Well, by gar, aren't we already doing it and not even knowing it!

I answered a call for art put out a month ago by a young women, Aria, who has just opened a boutique/cafe that specializes in vintage and handmade clothing and accessories. It's called, Gypsy and Co, and is located in Ottawa at 209 Gilmour Street, just a few steps in from the well-traveled "strip", Elgin Street.

Imagine my surprise this morning when visiting the shop, not only were five Quirky B's on display but there was half a wall of art by another PJMG artist, Patrick Greene. And in the middle of his display was one of our gallery's cards plus there was a stack of our cards by the door.

If we can get people seeing our art and saying, "This is interesting. Where can I see more?" we will create a buzz and drive traffic to the gallery.

And how amazing would that be!

Art by Patrick Greene
Quirky B's by Shannon Lee

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